Ezion View


Comments: Price is dropping with corresponding volume decrease. In addition, price is reaching demand zone. May be can consider to add position, with longer term view. Risk to reward ratio is good. For growth investing purposes.

Semb Corp View

Semb Corp Ind
Semb Corp

Comments: Price drop with increasing volume. It is approaching 2.25 demand zone. Need to see that price halt with increasing volume, thereafter showing reversal pattern first before any action to be taken. Alternatively, one can consider to enter with long term view, averaging down taking consideration that current price level is reasonable.

SG Index View

FTSE ST RE Index Chart

Comments: RE Index entering demand area. Need further observation. On a bigger scale, it looks like double top, if breakdown, may reach next demand level as shown in the lower level blue box. This level may be can consider to start accumulating good REITS, with low debt, and with stable and sustainable dividend.


Comments: STI entering demand area. The price drop with decreasing volume. Watch for potential reversal signal. At this level, may be can start to accumulating small amount of STI ETF.


Comments: WTI had broken below 30. Downside is maybe at around 26. The impact is reflected on O&G index. However, one can observe that every drop in price, volume is decreasing. Watch for potential reversal. May be can consider O&G related stocks with good fundamental and manageable debt.

Keppel Corp View

Keppel Corp 5 years Volume on Price Chart dated 8 Jan 16
Keppel Corp 5 years Volume over Price Chart dated 8 Jan 16 (from shareinvestor.com)

The greatest volume over price shown on the chart is when Keppel Corp was within range of 10.5 to 11 SGD. The next range was between 8.5 to 9 SGD.

MN1 Chart
MN1 Chart
W1 Chart
W1 Chart
D1 Chart
D1 Chart

Comments: All TF tells that Keppel Corp is on DT.  Mn1 dz is 3.91 to 4.62; W1 dz is 5.36 to 6.21 (price is currently within w1 dz. D1 dz is 5.36 to 5.54. Will see how price react this week.  Based on mn1 chart, volume is decreasing with downprice movement. The volume over price chart also shows lower volume transaction at current price level. May have chance for reversal.


Interested Stocks

Shortlist as of 4 Jan 16


(1) Div Yield >5.5%

(2) Gearing ratio <35%

(3) Price / NAV < 1

CapitaCom Trust

CapitaR China Trust

First Reits

LippoMall Trust

Aimsamp Cap Reits

Far East h-Trust

Keppel DC Reits

Fraser Cpt Trust

MapleTree Ind Trust

Others (Gearing ratio >35% but with discount):


Cache Log Trust

CapitaR China Retail Trust


YOY Rev Growth: >10%

YOY Profit Growth: >10%

Div Yield: >7% (based on price of 1.465 dtd 11 Oct 15); consistent and increasing

Current Ratio: >1

Gearing Ratio: 27.7%

Occupancy Rate: >80%

P/Nav: 1.465/1.65 = 0.89 (~11% discount)


Source: www.shareinvestor.com
Source: www.shareinvestor.com


Source: Chart Nexus
Source: Chart Nexus

Comments: I am very keen to take on long position from price range between: 1.4 to 1.46. Queuing for it. Reason being, I opined that it is fundamentally good REITS with good sponsor, at reasonable price, supported by technical. Comparatively, it is also good.